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LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose

At LG4 Isolation We Are Specialists in Attic Insulation in Montreal, Laval & the North-Shore. We Provide Cellulose Insulation and Cellulose Soundproofing…

We’ve completed hundreds of cellulose attic insulation in Montreal, Laval and North Shore areas. Our team includes accredited cellulose insulation blowers.

Cellulose Insulation is Perfect for Attic Insulation on Montreal Houses and It’s Also Ideal for Soundproofing Ceilings With Cellulose as Well

Cellulose is composed of small paper fibres. When they are blown, their small size allows them to fit easily in narrow spaces. This characteristic allows it to easily eliminate air leaks, thermal bridges and significantly improve the airtightness of the building envelope as well as its soundproofing.

In 2015, more than 20 million square feet of Igloo cellulose fibre were installed. In just a few years, thanks to its efficiency, low cost and ease of installation, cellulose has become a preferred choice for both contractors and individuals.

  • LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose
  • LG4 Isolation Montréal Laval Laurentides isolation cellulose
  • LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose
  • LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose

How to Use Cellulose Attic Insulation to Get Maximum Efficiency?

It’s a very versatile insulation that can be used in new construction as well as in renovations. Cellulose fibre can be blown into attics and blown into walls, ceilings and floors. It is very thin and easily surrounds obstructions such as plumbing pipes and framing. It can be blown into hard-to-reach places, eliminating any air leakage or infiltration.

LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose

Igloo CelluloseMD Attic Insulation has all of the Required Qualities!

  • Highly effective thermal insulation: it has one of the best R-values per inch. It retains all of its insulating capacity even at very cold temperatures.
  • Highly effective acoustic insulation: it has the ability to reduce noise, but also to prevent its propagation.
  • Safe: it has superior resistance to fire, corrosion, humidity, insects and vermin.
  • All-season: retains its thermal capacity even in extreme cold.
  • Efficient: it does not conduct heat and provides a good seal. It is an excellent barrier against heat exchange with the outside.
  • Durable: it will not sag for the entire life of the building.
  • Innovative: the 360HD blowing system allows to significantly increase its density in order to improve its performance.
  • Ecological: it is made of recycled paper fibers and oils. It is 100% natural.
  • Local: Igloo cellulose is manufactured here in Quebec.

By choosing cellulose, you make an eco-responsible choice while benefiting from the best in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation!

Igloo 360HD Cellulose Insulation:

Here is a video presenting the revolutionary system of insulation by cellulose insufflation:


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