It is true that in order to finalize your choice, you must take into account the R-value of an insulator and of course its price. However, the choice of an insulator is primarily based on its usefulness and the location where it will be installed. Not all insulation is suitable for all architectures, slopes and support materials. For example, some insulations are not suitable for basements, but are ideal for attics. Others are ideal for the exterior envelope of a new building, but will be difficult to apply if the walls are already closed. Some cannot be applied to all materials.

Choosing an insulation with a high R-value is not enough, it must be adapted to your home and its installation must be perfect to avoid thermal bridges, pockets and air leaks. Moreover, the entire building envelope must be taken into account to ensure that the thermal and acoustic insulation is truly effective.

We are here to advise you on the most effective insulation and techniques to meet your objectives and budget.