Soundproofing Your Ceiling, Now That’s a Solution to Noise!


Noise Pollution is a Scourge Which Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

In all cases, it causes discomfort that can affect your peace of mind and the enjoyment of simply being at home.

Noise sources are numerous and are irritants that can affect your quality of life; it can be noisy neighbours, turbulent children, dog barks. Perhaps you might simply have irregular family schedules or need to protect yourself from television or appliance noises. In urban environments, cars, ambulances, planes and construction sites noises can also be particularly irritating. In collective housings, heavy footsteps or objects moving on the ground can also be very unpleasant.

Our soundproofing solutions can rectify all of these noise problems.

  • LG4 Isolation Soundproofing Montréal Laval Laurentians
  • LG4 Isolation Soundproofing Montréal Laval Laurentians
  • LG4 Isolation Soundproofing Montréal Laval Laurentians
  • LG4 Isolation Soundproofing Montréal Laval Laurentians

We use the best performing products on the market: Igloo cellulose and Roxul stone wool.

Our soundproofing solutions can rectify all of these noise problems.

To make sure you are getting the best benefit possible from soundproofing, we visit your property:

  • We evaluate your current insulation and the building’s structure and envelope
  • We take into account your lifestyle and expectations
  • We explain to you the techniques and products that will meet your objectives
  • We hand you a detailed and free estimate, without further obligation

Stop putting up with noise.

In the majority of cases, these procedures are fast. Within 24 hours, your soundproofing problem could be solved!

Is it possible to soundproof a house built a long time ago?

We can improve the soundproofing of an entire house, common walls or even between floors. It is also possible if you live in a condominium. However, if you want to soundproof a single room, soundproofing the walls only will not be enough. You must take into account the building’s structure, the passage of beams and ducts as well as anything that can conduct sound since it will spread through these elements. With soundproofing, there are no shortcuts. If improperly thought-out or installed, soundproofing will be useless. You’ll have wasted time and money without achieving your goal. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will give you the facts and will offer you the solution that will solve your noise problems and at the right price.

What is the best soundproofing product?

Cellulose is an excellent acoustic insulator that has the additional benefit of also being an excellent thermal insulator. It is used in both new constructions and renovations. It can be installed before closing the walls in a new home or blown in closed walls. It can also be blown in attics (roof space). Roxul’s stone wool mat is also a very good choice, but its installation requires that the walls be opened.

The Quality of an Acoustic Insulator Installation Is Paramount.

Noise spreads through air, but also through conduction. The capacities of the product you will choose are important, but to get highly effective soundproofing, you must take into account the building’s structure and what lies inside the walls. Anything is likely to conduct noise, even an electrical socket or ceiling beam. Our installation will thus take proper account of all the parameters to succeed in reducing noise intensity, as well as its dispersion in the building. 

Whether you are dreaming of no longer living according to your neighbours’ schedule, soundproofing a child’s room, home theatre, playroom, laundry room or garage, each member of your family will be able to use their space without disturbing the other members or being disturbed!