Commercial & Industrial Fireproofing

With a Fireproofing Treatment you can Help Preserve Lives and Your Investment

At LG4 Isolation, we are specialists in fireproofing commercial and industrial buildings. Our products and application processes comply with the highest standards of the national building code and insurance companies.

Protect your property, your employees and your users.

Commercial and Industrial Fireproofing Treatment

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  • LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose
  • LG4 Isolation Montréal Laval Laurentides Ignifugation

Why is it Vital to Fireproof Commercial and Residential Buildings?

The fireproofing process saves lives by preventing or delaying the combustion of flammable materials. It can also allow certain materials, such as steel, to retain their physical properties during a fire to give the occupants time to leave the premises safely. Our fireproofing products are designed to protect, reduce, control or delay the combustion of flammable materials. Our technicians proceed to a careful application to treat combustible materials.

What Materials and Structures are Most at Risk?

Plastics and plastic foams, for example, are extremely combustible. They must be fireproofed so that they do not cause a fire or accelerate the spread of fire. Buildings with a steel structure must be protected against fire, because heat causes the steel to lose all its strength. In case of fire, there is a high risk that the building will collapse. By fireproofing the steel structure, it will be able to resist heat longer and keep its physical characteristics.

There are a multitude of specialized fireproofing products that can protect specific materials in order to comply with the standards required by the Quebec Building Code and insurance companies.

Our Products:

We have selected these specialized products that meet the standards and are recognized for their effectiveness in order to carry out your fireproofing treatments:

  • CAFCO 300
    CAFCO 300 is considered the most efficient product among all the gypsum-based fireproofing products available on the market. It has the best fire resistance in terms of thickness. It is applicable on ceilings and walls, steel structures and concrete.
  • MONOKOTE Z3306
    Monokote Z-3306 is a Portland cement-based coating1 specially designed to be applied over polyurethane and polystyrene foams. It provides heat and fire protection with a 10 minute delay.
  • Fire retardant paint to treat foams and plastics

Our Fireproofing Services:

  • Fireproofing of commercial buildings
  • Fireproofing of industrial buildings
  • Fireproofing of corporate buildings
  • Fireproofing of institutional buildings
  • Fireproofing of agricultural buildings
  • Fireproofing of commercial or industrial structures and equipment


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