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When is it Important To Know if Asbestos is in Your Home?

In all honesty, when it comes to asbestos testing, everyone should know if their home contains asbestos, in order to act knowledgeably and appropriately.

It is important to perform an asbestos test before starting any work to verify that the materials are not contaminated and do not contain asbestos. In fact, it is essential to check for the presence of asbestos before undertaking any renovation work in a home or apartment building built before 1985. For the health of the occupants and the workers who will be working on the renovation project, we carry out the decontamination work according to Health Canada’s recommendations for asbestos decontamination.

Reducing your risk of exposure to asbestos is possible. By contracting LG4 Decontamination, our ASP-certified decontamination professionals are able to perform an asbestos test before the work begins, thus ensuring the safety of the residents and, not to mention, the future value of your renovation project.

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There are situations where asbestos testing in Montreal becomes urgent, even imperative:

  • Before undertaking any renovation work that touches areas potentially isolated with contaminated vermiculite
  • Before making a residential extension
  • Before selling your property
  • Before building a space or storing goods in your attic

Asbestos Testing and Contaminant Screening

The Following Materials May be Contaminated With Asbestos: Stucco, Plaster, Drywall, Pipe Liner and Chimneys

You think your home may be contaminated? Nothing could be simpler than to proceed with a laboratory analysis of asbestos samples and tests taken on site. Once we have determined whether or not there is contamination, we can advise you on the appropriate course of action.

Asbestos Screening

We perform asbestos testing, in vermiculite or Zonolite, it is fast and accurate. The test consists of taking samples in the attic of your home to determine if asbestos is present. These samples are sent to a laboratory for professional analysis.

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Analysis Services

  • Asbestos testing and air analysis
  • Sampling of contaminated materials
  • Analysis of the presence of asbestos in vermiculite or Zonolite insulation
  • Analysis of the presence of asbestos in the air after decontamination

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Following your call, we proceed to the collection of potentially contaminated samples found on site. The sample taken is then analyzed in a laboratory to verify if it contains asbestos.

If the presence of asbestos is indeed confirmed, our team is able to carry out the decontamination services quickly, and certainly according to the standards in force.

Certifications and Attestations

When it comes time to choose a qualified contractor, make sure you make the right choice. If the price is too good to be true, it may well be that the contractor is not qualified or has no legal certification. Savings that will only bring into question the proper decontamination of your home if you happen to sell it.


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