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What is Vermiculite? | Vermiculite Removal Montreal

Vermiculite is a product that we call an ore. Vermiculite is identified by its color, which varies from silver-gold to gray-brown. It is a dull or shiny substance in its natural state. When vermiculite is heated to about 1,000°C, it bursts and swells, creating air spaces. These highly fireproof qualities and its insulating capacity made it a widely used insulating material in Canada at the time.

LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose
LG4 ISOLATION - Polyurethane - Cellulose

Vermiculite in its Natural State 

Vermiculite in Canadian Homes


In 2004, in a press release, Health Canada reported that it estimated that there were approximately 200,000 homes in Canada containing vermiculite.

It’s important to know if yours is one of them?

Source CCOHS: Government of Canada: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Our Guarantee is 100% Transferable

LG4 décontamination experts enlèvement d'amiante, vermiculite, Montréal Rive Nord Rive Sud

If you decide to have the work done before the sale of the house, you should know that our work is guaranteed and is delivered to you with a certificate of conformity, which is 100% transferable to the new buyer.

Following the Removal of Contaminated Vermiculite

LG4 décontamination experts enlèvement d'amiante, vermiculite, Montréal Rive Nord Rive Sud

We are experts in attic decontamination and our LG4 Isolation division is the reference when it comes to re-insulating with blown cellulose or soy-based polyurethane for example.

Better Understand our Decontamination Process

Our work is done quickly and does not affect your living space during the work. It is not pleasant to live in renovations, that is why we proceed to decontamination quickly with state-of-the-art decontamination equipment.

Properly decontaminating a home against vermiculite is essential. Entrust your work to experts with years of experience in hazardous material removal.

It is a simple process that consists of setting up a containment area to protect the other rooms in your home, thus avoiding any risk of contamination. We then remove the vermiculite using highly specialized equipment.

After decontamination, an air test is performed to ensure that there are no asbestos spores in the air before the re-insulation stage.

  • Protection of the premises (containment area)

  • Negative pressure to prevent contaminant dispersion

  • Protection of workers (CNESST and Health Canada compliant)

  • Removal of asbestos and vermiculite contaminants with specialized equipment

  • Safe destruction of contaminated materials (asbestos encapsulation)

  • Air analysis after decontamination of the premises

  • 100% transferable warranty certificate

Certifications and Attestations

When it comes time to choose a qualified contractor, make sure you make the right choice. If the price is too good to be true, it may well be that the contractor is not qualified or has no legal certification. Savings that will only bring into question the proper decontamination of your home if you happen to sell it.


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